about me

Ilana Michelle Rubin is a comedian and writer born and raised in Queens, NY but currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Controversial!

As she grew up, she was hoping that experiences like wearing an eye patch until she was eight years old and watching her parents jump on a baggage claim conveyor belt wouldn't go to waste. Luckily enough, her path led to a career in comedy! 

Together with her high school best friend, Lana Schwartz, she has been doing sketch comedy under the name Nanners Comedy

Their work has been featured on The New Yorker, WhoHaha, Btchflcks, The Queens Ledger, Vulture, Grub Street, and more! In the summer of 2016 they put out a murder mystery web-series, called Secrets & Liars.  For the past three years they’ve been hosted a show called the Chanukahstravaganza which received press in Brokelyn, Time Out, The New York Times, Grub Street, and Vulture!

Ilana is also a writer and actor on the weekly web show, deada$$, a diverse, NYC send-up of Wayne's World. 

You can catch her performing all over the city or in this web-series she created, Pluto Girl. 

If you’re the reading kind of person check out her music blog by clicking this link.

On any given day, she might also be eating chicken soup on her parent's couch. Who knows? The world is a crazy place.

But if you don't want to travel to the depths of an outerborough (the horror), you can also follow her on Twitter at @ilanasaurrrus.

(It was weird to write this in the third-person.)


Shot and edited by Carly Hoogendyk

Standup at Cool Show Not Lame