Welcome To My Diary

I imagined starting this blog/archive for a long time and instead of giving a whole shpiel about the self-created obstacles or distractions I let hinder my productivity we are all (mostly me) going to accept the fact that I am a person with a blog now. With this project, however long or short lived it is, I will offer the things that have made me happy or have occupied my mind.

This week they are:

  • Ariana Grande’s new single “Imagine” which I have listened to no less than 500 times since it dropped on Thursday evening.

  • The boygenius Tiny Desk that my friends failed to tell me existed. (Ya know, shame on them! My musical interests can basically be categorized as Women With Gut-Wrenching Voices Singing About Sad Love and Ass-Music™️ that takes my mind off of all my neuroses. “Ass-music” is a phrase I coined, you have to Venmo me $5 every time you use it.)

  • The raw bar at my office holiday party.

I cannot begin to dissect my feelings about the Kanye/Drake beef. Mostly I am exhausted by it and constantly wish for all my favorite artists to get along. I don’t know where my feelings stand on Kanye because I feel for someone trying to cope with mental health issues but at the same time the damage he has done by who he had decided to align himself with cannot just be undone with one tweet. I don’t know! We are all human, but at what point does constant forgiveness dismantle the possibility for an artist with an expansive platform to be held accountable for their actions?

Anyway, I’m going to go roast brussels sprouts (wow, lotta s’s) for a Christmas party tonight. Hope you all have wonderful weekends!