Eating Dumplings, Listening to Mothxr

Eating leftover dumplings, staring at an IKEA shelf that I’m a bit intimidated to continue installing on my own. I can just imagine one attempt at drilling into the wall and a web of cracked lines emerging from that spot and my entire wall coming down exposing my neighbors having sex in the middle of this weekend afternoon. I’d be happy for them but not sure they’d see that when the catastrophe initially unfolds.

I watch too many movies and listen to too many songs. In fact if I’m being honest dear reader, (hi, Dad) every time I sit down to write an entry here I paint a picture of myself as the protagonist in a coming of age film introducing myself with a thoughtful, precocious voiceover.

God, you ever just get sick of yourself?

This week I’ve been engrossed in the former Lifetime, current Netflix show, You. It’s been a great cushion while finishing The Sopranos and feeling like I’ve been severed from my entire murderous family. However, good or bad (bad, probably) You is for society, it’s a thrilling and entertaining watch and really makes a case for Penn Badgley’s acting skills.

It also brought me back to a few years ago when I listened to his band, Mothxr, religiously. I even saw them live once at a very cool venue whose name I cannot remember, very helpful I know. My friend and I were backstage and I got to hand Penn a beer from the cooler. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re correct, fame IS exciting but you know, it’s also a lot to shoulder so I ultimately had to go home and revert to my life of normalcy as a regular civilian.

Anyway, I can only describe the music as moody-sensual-electronic. There’s a lot right now that tries to be that but they were doing it long before and it actually works for them without sounding manufactured and meaningless. While many might find it easy to scoff at what started as a passion project of the Gossip Girl lead, the band is so good!

I remember the live performance being magnetic and so consistent with what I had been listening to on my various devices and after rediscovering them all over again, I find myself only wishing that they had more to their catalogue.

Alas, I have to return to my dumplings and shelf (good excuse for ending a bad date early, if you ask me) but I encourage you to listen to what Mothxr does have to offer.